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Designers and Developers of Innovative, World-Class Workspace Interiors

With technical excellence and cutting edge design solutions, our team works with a commitment to build future-ready workspaces.

Designers and Developers of
Innovative, World-Class
Workspace Interiors

With technical excellence and cutting
edge design solutions, our team works with a
commitment to build future-ready workspaces.

In a Nutshell

Zyeta is an integrated workspace design and build services firm that specializes in delivering exceptional workspace interiors that leverage the latest thinking in design, workforce optimization, and the environment.

With our unique combination of people, process, and technology, we strive to provide our clientele with unparalleled value. Zyeta provides its turn-key services for leading organizations across a spectrum of industries.

We transform raw space into award-winning, next-generation offices, clean rooms, data centers and more. We focus on large-scale and mid-size office design and build company projects for a diverse international clientele that includes both global enterprises as well as early-stage companies, having successfully completed hundreds of projects across India and beyond. The Company is privately-held by executive management.

By Team Zyeta

It’s All About
the People

Meet Team Zyeta


Smitha Naik Deshpande

The 10,000 Watt Personality

A classical singer, a liberal trekker and a determined architect. 

With a smile that shimmers her eyes, Smitha lives her life to the fullest. She carries the traits of a purist who eyes every detail of designs. Her work reflects the understanding of people and a choral harmony of art that betters human lives.


Joseph Matthews

The Coolest Mentor

A sheer conversationalist and an amazing mentor. Joseph is a client’s person, who leaves no stone unturned to give them the best service. He comes with over 30 years of experience in architecture, interior design, and construction industry. Extremely passionate about his work, Joseph makes sure we deliver nothing but brilliant quality design solutions for every project, and we deliver them on time.


Bino Kurian Thambi

The Master Planner

A man passionate about other people, and even more passionate about building exemplary cultures around them via collaboration and positivity. His varied experience in different industries has given him an incalculable amount of wisdom and insight, though he still remains a daydreamer at heart.


Chandrakant Anand

The Seeker

A man of culture, Chandrakant’s passion for aesthetics extend beyond his work and encapsulates life itself. He’s someone who sees beauty, logic and depth in everything. This makes him both a designer to be reckoned with, and a storyteller par excellence. As an added benefit, he’s also an outstanding cook and photographer.


Shalini Kumari

The Savvy Analyser

A multitasker, a vivid learner, and a powerhouse of ideas. 

Shalini is a very up-to-date person who loves her work to the fullest. She is an excellent team leader with a zeal to become better every day. While Shalini is always serious about her work, she’s still a kid at heart. She is honest and a very patient learner. Maintaining a perfect balance between her work life and personal life, Shalini is one of the most inspirational female role models of the team.


Kamal Pandey

A Core Communication Wizard

Fully immersed into sales/business development, he takes pride in focusing and communicating the company’s core strengths to prestigious clientele. His passion for research and deep analysis is what drives him to stay ahead of the curve, understand client needs, and evolve with market trends. He puts the same insane passion on travelling extensively, and binging on extreme gaming marathons that makes everyone’s jaws drop


Chetan AG

Mr. Pragmatic

Leads the MEP team with his years of experience and wisdom, as well as a logical mindset and tireless work ethic. A straightforward, honest soul who believes in searching for the best ideas that benefit everyone collectively. All the while maintaining a generosity of spirit, affinity for nature and a positive attitude. This makes him both an invaluable asset and a great person.


Shaneel Pavaskar

Mr. Fashionista

A flamboyant soul, whose passion for creativity and design not only reflects in his superior work, but also in his exuberant sense  of fashion and jubilous personality. He’s someone who is as smart and fun, as he is stylish. Beneath though, he still retains a socially-conscious, focused, multi-faceted mind who lives and breathes design. An RVCA graduate, he’s managed to live up to his reputation and has done his alma mater proud each day.


Irfan Dar

The Ultimate Strategist

A keen learner, the ultimate strategist and a National level tennis player. 

Irfan is the backbone of the company’s Thought Leadership. He comes with over 17 years of experience in the fields of Design Management, Value Engineering, Feasibility, Business Development, Project Delivery and Managing People & Processes. Whenever he’s not caught up with all the decision making processes at work, you’d find him playing outdoor sports, grooving to some good music or just partying hard.


Atanshu Jain

That Artistic Girl

A classic soul in a regular world.

With a heart filled with art, dreams and words–Atanshu seeks rooted meanings in life. She is a keen observant of detailing that makes her designs reflect a sense of completeness. Having a nature wanderer personality, she is more about the artistic taste that defies the prevailing monotony. She comes with an introvert-ish shade that often conceals her clandestine charm.


Tanvi Kesarwani

The Bookish Chatterbox

A people’s person and a constant chatterbox–two gifts she uses to strengthen the collaborative vibes of the teams she works in. She believes in maintaining focus, working hard and maintaining a positive attitude. An individualistic person, and proud of it–she’s a passionate Architect and a keen explorer –who when not trying to figure out her own style, is busy binging on food and music to her heart’s content.


Vivek Joshi

An Eternal Self-believer

A person who is wise beyond his age. Which is unfortunate for him, but very fortunate for team Zyeta. He’s a highly motivated learner who is focused on quality first and foremost–and strives by the motto ‘nothing is impossible’. His deep passion for understanding client requirements is only matched by those for cricket, fitness, treating his sweet tooth and rap/hip-hop music.


Amit Prakash

The Uber-cool Bookworm

Uber-geek, bookworm, dreamer and learning-machine, Amit is a co-founder of Zyeta. He is a serial entrepreneur and holds a degree in Architecture.
He loves to run, cycle and workout. When time permits-which seldom does-he loves to travel.


Ujjwal Ambastha

The Calm Biker

A person as infatuated with motorcycles, as he is with design. He’s a free-thinker with a laid-back fashion sense, and aura of calmness–which often hides his laser-like eye for detail, old-school work ethic, and uncanny ability to strip complex ideas into their simplest, most effective state. A proud traditionalist, he draws inspiration from the simplest things in his work, and then imbues it with deeper meaning.


Sweta Sharma

The Girl in Black

Sweta comes with a bagful of technicolour dreams to make this world a better and brighter place. A happy go lucky person– other than her charismatic smile, her wall arts are the second most famous thing in the office. And while she dreams of painting every empty canvas with colours, she is distinctively in love with the color black- that dominates most of her wardrobe.


Naveen Pedhigari

The Team’s Listener

An amazing Electrical Design Engineer, a movie buff, and a great listener.

Naveen is a calm and patient person who dives deep into his work with every project he takes on. When he’s not overloaded with files, he loves spending time with his buddies and explores new places. A nature lover and a wanderlust from heart, one of Naveen’s hidden passions is to pursue farming.


Pratamesh Wagle

The Focussed Executo

A lifelong student of Architecture and Planning, he’s a certified IGBC-AP with Six Sigma Green Belt, who is both a graduate and post-graduate in the field. His expertise, focus and dedication is put to great effect in his responsibilities. He prides himself on his work process, which involves a focus on aspects like quality, design and space. In his free time, he’s an avid sportsman who has played State Level in Table Tennis and a hardcore gamer.


Manjunath Sahukar

The Silent Observer

He’s Zyeta’s finance wiz, who is able to conjure an equal amount of magic when he’s indulging in his passions for cycling, fitness, trekking and biking. A deep explorer, his love for constant learning has extended into topics that go far beyond just his day job. Believing in the mantra ‘quality over quantity’, he prides himself on being an organized and systematic person who strives to being out the best in his team and himself.


Shwetha Nadgir

The Experiential Nomad

A natural-born explorer, Shweta has lived many lives in a single lifetime. She’s a global nomad, brought up in 5 countries, across 10 cities– who carries her wanderlust as part of her personality. Having explored 13 different countries on her own (with no sign of stopping anytime soon), her relentless spirit also translates to her work–where she proudly leads projects and bridges gaps both internally and externally.


Apoorv Sharma

The Focused Intellectual

A man with a natural passion (and aptitude) for solving problems. His desire for relentless intellectualism matches perfectly with his ambitions and exploration of the architecture and design field. He believes that complex and challenging problems often have plural, multiple-approaches to solutions, and is a collaborative, focused and positive person who believes that design is more about the journey than the destination.


Sapna Priyanka Raj

The Driven Mind

A data analyst by profession, Sapna is more on the introverted side. She takes some time to open up with people but she is definitely the heart of her circle. She carries a tinge of an explorer and loves taking up new challenges in life as well as her work. She is a determined soul with a rock solid personality who keeps things low-key most of the time.


Mohammed Shafiulla

The Narrator

We say words, he weaves stories.

A lively soft-spoken man who wears his heart on his sleeve. Shafiulla loves his job so much that weekends tend to become boring for him-unless he has a travelling plan. He comes with an ardent love for food and cooking, especially Mughlai dishes. His jolly personality is so contagious, that it lights up every face near him.


Mehnaz Farooque

The Old-school Poetess

Naturally gifted with creative abilities, an ever-evolving fashion sense, and an infectious positive attitude– she brings her best to work every day. When not brainstorming ideas at work, she loves to wax eloquent poetry (shayeris) about old ghazals, travel and romance. She is a great conversationalist who finds peace in poetry and among the mountains.


Monika Roula

The Unswerving Mind

An architect by profession, design for Monika is a way of life.

For Monika, this world is a place for inspiration that helps her bring life to every inch of design she creates. She is strong-minded, soft-spoken and has got a lively vibe about her. While designing has her heart, Monika is also known for her writing and dancing skills. She’s a nature lover and can’t do without music.


Ram Karikalam

Mr. Content

He’s Zyeta’s DIY expert, who possesses the much-coveted ability to conceptualize and develop projects from total scratch, and thrives on recycling existing ideas to build newer ones. He has a rich visual imagination, aided in some small part by his gaming habit and natural-born talent for designing graphics. He’s a gentle, amiable yet very focused individual who sees perfection in work as one of the many ways of leading a content life.


Karan Negi

The Geek Next Door

An information sponge since time immemorial, taking up writing was a natural career for him. He’s often found absorbed in his laptop, trying to cram as much detail as he can into his content. He’s found to be a relaxed, collaborative individual when he does finally decide to show his face to colleagues. Obsessive by nature, he loves building PC’s, collecting old albums, updating his knowledge, and going on long natural treks.


Shana Parveen

The Cool Dudette

With a genuine love for art, Shana seeks meaning in her designs. She is a self-reliant person who might look delicate on the outside but is actually a total badass. She is hardworking, innovative, and passionately in love with her work. Shana loves travelling solo and covering every corner of the world is at the rim of her bucket list. She thinks design has the power to bring revolutions in the world and she believes someday she is going to be a part of it.


Akshara Murugan

The Free Soul

Always living on the edge, Akshara is high on life. Her love for helping people both at work and life made her famous in the team as the kindest soul. She has a profound love for understanding human psychology that reflects in her designs. With an unconventional attitude towards both life and her fashion sense, Akshara cannot bear monotony in any form. If not found struggling with a design concept, Akshara would be found on the office terrace, enjoying nature.


Amulya S N

Miss Perfectionist

A perfectionist who prefers staying inside her own concrete space.

Amulya loves her work and sees design as life. Her eye for detail makes her one of the finest designers of her age. A blunt outspoken person, Amulya is extremely choosy in terms of friends, music, and food. She is a solo traveller who seeks meaning in nature and doesn’t believe in keeping up with the worldly materialism.


Kishore Manoharan

The Designopedia

Being the principal designer at Zyeta, he’s a skilled pro who is proficient in delivering innovative projects to high-profile clients via intense collaboration. He’s a jack-of-all trades who not only is able to transform his idea into solid reality, but also think about design in multi-faceted terms and develop his thought leadership–all the while maintaining a cool,calm aura. He’s the guy in the office who has an answer for every question!


Mohammad Ghouse

The Inspirational Multi-tasker

A man who takes great pride in his work, and considers the true meaning of success to go above and beyond the client’s expectations. He’s a jack-of-all-trades, who is involved in planning, execution and project management as a whole. His diverse skillset is what makes him a force to be reckoned with; his humility and passion is what makes him an inspiring figure


Nikita Gupta

Miss Socialite

Nikita is a lively, amiable individual who besides bringing her enviable skills to the MEP team, spreads joyous vibes via her mellow, gregarious nature. She’s a believer in living life to the fullest and when not working, loves to fill her day up with activities, with nary a dull moment in it. She’s a born explorer who thrives for new experiences, an enthusiastic traveller, an occasional shopaholic.


Vasanti Bahadarpurkar

The Relentless Creative

Vasanti is a natural-born creative spirit.that delights in her ever-expanding list of skills and talents. She is driven by passion, and sees no mountain too high to climb when she’s in her element. The same passion also extends to her diverse hobbies, love for the great outdoors, and displaying affection to her near and dear ones via exquisitely handcrafted goods on their special days.


Shafeeq Mohammed

The Wanderer

He’s an infectious personality who despite his young age, is a total design maverick. His cheery spirit loves every bit of working in design. From brainstorming fresh ideas to experimenting with unhackeyned techniques–he loves to be on top of everything.He has a passion for urban design, and its power to connect people together. This interest helps him to solve design problems from multi-user perspective.


Kapil Raghav

A Pragmatically Built Persona

A focused, opinionated and highly individualistic person–his personality often shines through in his work. He’s committed to using his pragmatic mindset and integrating it into problem-solving, multitasking and increasing the efficiency of the delivery. A master’s degree holder in green building, who has passionately dedicated himself to exploring eco-freindly design. Outside of work though, he can be found relishing his downtime, which consists of biking, gaming and travel.


KiritKumar C Sonigra

A Catalogue of Experiences

As enthusiastic learner, Kirit Kumar has a lifetime of experiences and wisdom behind him. He likes to define himself by his passions which include old ghazals, travelling, cricket and politics. A person who refused to be defined by his conventions, he insists to be his own person at all times. A self-confessed romantic who prides himself on his integrity, he’s a passionate proponent of always embarking on new adventures.


Meghana Shankarappa

Miss Optimistic

Meghana used to be a structural engineer who realized that designing interiors was her true passion. After acting on it, she’s never looked back. She is usually found in deep concentration in office, trying to ensure that the design meets the extremely high standards of both her and the client. Always a pleasant, positive person–she’s a guaranteed bet when it comes to having great conversations at the water cooler.


Janani Chitra Kulothungan

A Passionate Explorer

She’s an individualistic person who is not put in any single category, though there is little doubt that she is bold, motivated, detail-oriented person who loves going above and beyond client expectations. An active, driven, constant learner who is a wizard in coming up with solutions to complex challenges and delivering innovative designs. She uses the rest of her energies indulging in her passions for folk dance and artistry.


Aparna Anirudhan

The Staunch Idealist

A person who loves to see the deeper meaning in things. She’s quiet till the point she isn’t–as evidenced by her love for deep conversations and ability to engage people in entertaining and enlightening ways. A stubborn idealist and a deep thinker, her best gifts come out in the form of language–which she uses to full potential on her job as an Architecture Researcher.,


Jon Lewis

A Serial Entrepreneur

Jon is a Silicon Valley native and serial entrepreneur, having founded and/or held executive roles in seven early-stage technology companies. Being a tech refugee gives him unique empathy for Zyeta’s North America-based clientele, intimately understanding the otherwise daunting process of developing offices & operations in India. In his next life, Jon would love to be an architect.


Ashok AK

The Design Powerhouse

Being the Associate Director, he’s less a man of words and more a man of action. His 10+ years of experience in infrastructure, residential and commercial projects speaks volumes. So does his focused and strategic mindset, which he’s used towards being an inspiring leader in his field. He’s a trained civil engineer and a post graduate in construction management, who is as passionate about outdoor sports as he is about his job.


Priyanka Chaugule

An Effectuator

A young Project Manager, whose skillset and knowledge lies far beyond her age. To her, work is life–and the central passion which has driven her throughout her life. Passionate about construction since an early age, one of her biggest delights in life is executing the designs to completion, and as close to perfection as possible. She’s also an ardent fan of music and long drives.


Kaushar Qureshi

A Passionate Traveller

He’s a focused, driven, detail-oriented individual who somehow still retains a sense of calm composure and carries himself with a gentle smile. Thoroughly dedicated to his duties in Project Management, where he is self-motivated to take on new challenges, he’s also a passionate traveller–who adapts exploration as his manta, both personally and professionally.


Magam Siva Krishna

The Experimenter

Being the Chief Creative Officer of Zyeta, he’s a thought leader in design who excels in developing strategies that reflect the client’s core values, vision and business mission to a perfect degree. His versatility, strategic thinking and focus on research has always driven him to develop the most optimal solutions for the task at hand. When not at work, he’s a jovial people’s person who has a deep passion for classical dance and deep science.


Ramesh P

Meticulous by Design

Obsessed about planning and execution since birth, he’s a seasoned vet of the industry with over 18+ years of experience in HVAC and a vast portfolio which includes commercial, residential and interior projects. Though it can be sometimes hard to tell, through his mellow nature and love for travelling and exploring new cuisines.


Shilpa Revankar

The Eloquent Charmer

Shilpa is the artistry backbone of team Zyeta. A charming human being who lives life on the edge, Shilpa is all about heart. She comes with a passionate love for design and architecture that reflects in every inch of her work. When not switching meeting rooms and conferences, you will find Shilpa chilling out with her team-laughing out loudly at random workplace jokes.


Rashmi Agarwal

A Design Multi-tasker

A natural-born creative person, who decided to pour all her energies into Architecture–then realized that she had an equal flair and passion for management. She combines all three in her role as Project Manager and is often seen managing hectic schedules with ease and efficiency. She’s a vibrant people’s person who is a massive foodie, cinephile, music lover–who loves filling her day with activities.


Amjad Pasha

The IT Wizard

Being an IT wizard, he’s the person responsible for ensuring that the company maintains a solid, operational framework that is stable and uninterrupted. In his spare time, he’s often seen socializing with colleagues, making sly jokes and debating the latest developments in cricket. He’s a happy person, and his outgoing nature acts as proof of that.


Naine Mamatha Rao

Miss Congeniality

A crucial part of the business development team, she’s a hyperactive and hard working professional who puts learning at her very centre. When she’s not actively busy pursuing clients, she’s pushing herself to learn the intricacies of the design process itself. All the while keeping an aura of good, mischievous sense of humour. In her spare time, she also holds the designation of a dancer, water painter and a foodie.


Rayon Gogoi


A positive, driven, goal-oriented person who likes to put his own being at the centre when designing spaces, and a believer in capturing feelings for self before translating it to others. He’s a headstrong person mature beyond his years, who operates on his own personal code of ethics–believing in individualism. In accordance to his strong personality, he’s also an ardent thrillseeker–both in terms of pursuing new adventure sports and coming up with new design.


Anjali Mallissery

The Fierce Traveller

She’s a person who believes that people are the backbone of any great endeavour–making her a wizard (and a perfect fit) for a HR career. She is relentlessly focused on creating a culture of positivity and growth at Zyeta and defines success as seeing talented, smart, happy people excel at their job. A lifelong optimist, she derives her strength from nature, motorcycles, sci-fi movies, and her friends and family.



A Raconteur

He seems quiet, but houses a hidden sense of humour–especially regarding finance, a field that he has 11+ years of experience in. He describes himself as ‘only serious when sober’ and ‘peaceful when drunk’. Aside from his job, he loves learning things, watching movies, reading, trying out new cuisines. An eloquent person with an increasingly positive attitude, he sets up an example of carrying himself at work.


Vignesh T

A Limit-tester

He’s a reserved person, who describes himself as more of a thinker than a man of words. A qualified civil engineer, he is immersed day long in the process of quantity survey–priding himself on learning new things and pushing his limits every day. A passionate foodie, music lover, cinephile and travel freak. He describes learning as a source of vitality and daily strength for himself.



The Fun Financier

Passionate about finance, she feels thrilled each day on landing the right career. She uses that positive energy to immerse herself in her passion for learning–especially classic Carnatic music and dance. An avid foodie with an insatiable sweet tooth, she makes it a point to indulge in her hobbies of travel, aerobics and reading. She also describes herself as an animal lover, with a ‘special fondness for cats’.



The Resident Prankster

Ananth is passionate about accounting–which makes each day of work a thrill for him. He’s equally as passionate about pulling pranks on his colleagues, making work a joy. He’s hard-working, but describes himself as ‘always up for a good time’. In his spare time, he loves to travel, watch cricket and drink his friends under the table.


Rakshith Kumar

The Design Yoda

Rakshith is one of Zyeta’s principal creative forces and most inspiring mentors. Through both his incredible eye for detail when it comes to work, and willingness to guide, mentor and inspire the talented members of his team. He’s a focused person who’s often a man of few words, but his warm, affable, charismatic, and often hilarious personality has the habit of revealing itself from time to time.



A Liberated Mind & Soul

Her reserved nature can make her hard to give away to people. When she opens up, she’s a treasure trove of positivity, knowledge and good humour. She’s described as a workaholic, though she prefers the term ‘passionate.’ She prides herself on being open minded about everything and carries an accepting nature. A collaborative person, she loves exploring nature in her spare time.



The Connoisseur

Being a quantity surveyor at Zyeta, he’s built his reputation on hard work, positive attitude and a constant desire to learn from each new day and experience. This makes him a valuable leader at Zyeta, where he takes charge of everything from estimation till the final billing. He’s a person who believes that “numbers are very important” in life, and hence ensures that his daily work life revolves around them.



The Daydreamer

Often seen as calm, peaceful, polite and sometimes even shy, she’s a qualified civil engineer who works as a quantity surveyor–applying herself deeply in the process of costing and estimation. While not at work, she can be found partaking in her deep passion for music, movies and dance–all the while dreaming everyday about owning her own farm one day.


Prajvala Reddy S

An Obsessed Problem Solver

An engineer by profession, she describes herself as a passionate problem solver–who is passionate about deeply immersing herself in understanding the in-depth client requirements. She is proactive about bringing up new initiatives and then following through on them. While not at work, she can be found in a relaxed, humorous state of mind–having a passion for yoga and extensive solo travelling.


Snehal Ghorpade

A Relentless Taskmaster

Born with both a relentless focus and boundless enthusiasm, she’s a natural when it comes to setting goals and then giddily smashing them beyond expectations. All the while keeping a strong sense of ethics and aptitude for leadership. Her personal motto of “Do good; feel good” has a tendency to translate to both her colleagues and clients, making her a joy to work with, and a bright spirit with bright ideas.


Amit Mahurkar

Master of Risk Management

A guru in the field of architecture and construction–with an overall experience of 11+ years, and 15,00,000 sq ft space of corporate interior projects. His passion is to focus intensely on risk identification and risk management–ensuring that safety remains one of the cornerstones of the organization. In his free time, he’s intensely focused on his passions for travelling across the country and beyond.


Deependra Verma

The Hard-Core Explorer

An explorer by nature, Interior Architecture was a natural career for Deependra. He’s a highly motivated learner who sees each day as a gift to embark on new endeavours–both professional and personal. He prides on completely immersing himself into solving complex problems, and coming out with challenging and innovative workspace designs. He’s also a man who has an insatiable wanderlust–having a burning desire to explore every corner of the globe


Kritika Naidu

The Boho Girl

A charming, amiable personality who is as passionate about dogs as she is about her work–to which she is dedicated beyond belief. She’s a collaborative and helpful person who believes in teamwork, and can be both easy-going and blunt when she has to. She’s a foodie who loves all cuisines, and just needs an excuse to indulge.



An All-round Leader

As a seasoned Business Leader and Project Management professional, he’s a model for unrivaled focus and dedication to his work. He’s also equally passionate about enjoying life to the fullest. An ardent fan of travel, music and sports–he loves sharing both his adventures in these areas, alongside those regarding work, leadership and life.



The Team’s A1 Cricketer

Responsible yet fun. Ambitious yet care-free. Rishikesh is the best of both worlds.

With a job that requires focus and discipline, Rishikesh is often found tied-up with deadlines. However, that has never stopped him from enjoying life. He loves watching movies and has a great taste in documentaries. If not immersed in projects and his amazing list of movies, Rishikesh is found making headlines in the office’s cricket tournaments.



Lives for passion

Passionate about civil engineering since birth, she’s a driven person who loves to set goals each day and thrives on exceeding them. She displays a calm, collected aura at work–while secretly smashing expectations. She’s also equally as passionate about music and long natural rides.


Naveen Joseph

A Natural Born Leader

Naveen is a 24+ year veteran in management who brings with him a diverse expertize in various industries–having worked for some of the biggest organizations in the globe. When not actively spearheading things and leading projects, he can be found in office in a relaxed, sociable mood talking about his hobbies, which include football, cooking and fishing.



A Positive Translator

Sonesh has 8 years of experience in interior design and execution, which he puts into practice daily and with relentless focus. He’s a positive person who somehow is able to translate his upbeat attitude into just as much productivity. In his spare time, he’s an animal lover who is an avid fan of watching wildlife videos and documentaries.


Sumanth M

Living for the Limit

Passionate, confident and driven. Sumanth loves taking challenges head-on in his duties as Assistant Project Manager. He is more of a man of action, than a man of words. In his spare time, he loves testing both his physical and mental limits. All in the hopes of betterment–towards both his own self, his career and the value he can create for others.


Naren Sundar

Imagining Reality through Visuals

A person with a distinct visual imagination, he’s able to conjure up design that not adds meaning to both the company and his own life. He sees the world in symbols, shapes and patterns. An ability which he uses to translate complex thoughts and ideas in their perfect visualized forms.


Rini Mohabey

Designed to Design

Having a lifelong passion for turning dreams into reality, she’s managed to actually realize it into a career.She lives for design–with a mind that’s geared towards blending aesthetics with pragmatism. In her spare time, she’s an ardent foodie and clay sculptor who loves to have new experiences.



A Master of the Mind

A natural both thinker and observer, he’s a quick learner with perfectionistic tendencies who is often self-driven to explore various aspects of life, be it new places or cuisines. He is a proud individualist who believes that time is the only currency that matters. Outside of work, he’s an avid cinephile and biker.


Sindhu Darur

An All-rounder Extraordinaire

A soft spoken person with an extremely confident and active mind, she’s the ideal fit for her job as a project manager. She’s outspoken and courageous; yet logical and kind-hearted. While often a humorous people’s person, she does enjoy her introspective time as well–being a natural thinker since forever.


Supriya Bharati

A Benevolent Aura

An artist and architect, who loves to take on new challenges in her pursuit of creativity. She’s an ardent believer in the motto “keep it simple” and is an overall caring and optimistic person. Aside from her work, she loves cooking, cricket and making her colleagues laugh with her jokes.


Umesh G Bhajantri

Best of Both Worlds

He’s a bold, dynamic personality who strives daily to push himself and take on new challenges in both life and work. He has an undisputed passion for leadership that he continues to focus on and improve. Off-work, he’s laid-back, gregarious, friendly and loves watching movies and cricket.


Syed Armanulla

Loves Exploring Life

Syed is a model of composure, focus and commitment at work. Essential qualities that make for a great project manager. To him, an open-mind is the greatest asset. Hence, he is always up for exploring new places, trying out new food and learning about all sorts of work cultures in his continuous drive to learn, excel and most importantly: create quality for the clients.



The Travel Guru

A veteran of the HSE field, where he has been working for the past 9 years. He’s a passionate person who is driven by the belief that 100% of occupational accidents can be prevented, and in the process, many lives can be saved. He demonstrates the same insane passion in his pursuit of travelling each and every corner of the globe.


Mohammed Jameel

Driven by Self

He’s a bold, dynamic personality who strives daily to push himself and take on new challenges in both life and work. He has an undisputed passion for leadership that he continues to focus on and improve. Off-work, he’s laid-back, gregarious, friendly and loves watching movies and cricket.


Neha Kiran

Miss Sunshine

Spearheading her design journey from RV School of Architecture, Neha is in love with architecture. She is one of those designers who is devoted to the extreme detailing of any project. Besides her design ingenuity, Neha is also famous for her positive energy that makes her a sunshine of joy, among her friends and colleagues. When not busy with work, she’s found either trying out new restaurants or trekking up the Himalayas!


Riya Ghosh

A BIM Wizard

A lifelong architect and BIM enthusiast, she’s passionate about how to blend technology in the most effective way. She’s dedicated herself to explore the intricacies of BIM and make work smarter and smoother. She also enjoys her spare time, where she de-stresses by learning and singing.


Sonu Gulecha

Defines Her Own Limits

A free-spirited person who marches to the beat of her own drum, it’s near-impossible to put her in any category. She uses this gift to push herself and explore interior design in depth and detail everyday, all the while keeping her colleagues entertained. In her free time, she loves to explore the great unknown on her trusty motorcycle


Shaik Mohammed Nawaz

A Purist

Working as an HVAC design engineer, with a focus on mastering each and every aspect of MEP overall–he’s a constant learner who has an equal love for sharing his knowledge. He’s a believer that knowledge makes both people and society better and thus feels intrinsically motivated to share it. He’s also a passionate sports enthusiast with a deep passion for cricket and football.


Luqman Yusuf

An Indomitable Will

A believer in the power of self. He’s a determined person who is committed to pushing his mental and physical boundaries. He’s a relentless traveler, who also moonlights as a footballer and adventure sports junkie, who believes that teamwork, discipline and mutual respect are the crucial pillars in achieving great things.